Hillcrest Homeowners' Association Dues are Due!

Please send a check for $125 to

Peggy Bowe at 52 Aberdeen Place.

Fall Fest 2019

To view more pictures, see the pictures page on this site. If you have some to add, please send to hillcrest63105@outlook.com

Welcome to the Hillcrest Neighborhood web site.  Take a look around and read about the many exciting ways we are working to make our neighborhood better.  We hope you will be inspired to get involved!

Information for neighbors only is present on the "Information" page. You will be prompted to register for an account, which the webmaster will approve promptly.


We have a number of existing groups that would love your help.  Pitch in with the maintenance committee's effort to control the invasive species of plants; join in the discussion of how to plan for future financial outlays; or participate in throwing one of our neighborhood gatherings- the Fourth of July, Halloween, and May party committees would all welcome more help.  If technology is your thing, jump on board and make this site even better.


Our primary goal as the Homeowners Association is to build community.  If you have an idea that you would love to vet and bring to life, we are here to support you.  No idea is a bad one, just be ready to run with it.


Most importantly, show up!  Our annual meeting is in the Spring and events happen all year long, so plan on attending and help us build a stronger community. 


Thank you,

Bill Schute

President, Hillcrest Homeowners Assn.

Welcome New Neighbors!

​​Arundel Middle Block
Camillo Padoa Schioppa and Lori Markson
Omar Hernandez
Andrew and Linda Tuch
Arundel West Block

Scott and Suzette Baker

Kevin O'Malley and Tara Ramachandra

Aberdeen Middle Block

Andrew and Katherine Clifton

Shannon and Ryan Landvoy


David and Diane Katzman

Erin Jurrens and Mitchell Sudkamp

Clayton News and Events

Popcorn Machine

The neighborhood popcorn machine is available for your backyard barbecues, birthday parties and other events! Look on the information page for its current location.

Page updated 1-20-20

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